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Sonoma Eyeworks® Praised as One of the Country’s Best

Be our guest! When we designed our reception area, we knew we wanted to create a space where our customers would feel like guests in our home. So we were happy to hear that our reception space has received praise in the January 2015 edition of Invision Magazine. The article, "Benchmarks: Best Reception Areas" cites…
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How to Clean Your Eyeglasses

If your lenses don’t last long before they are scratched, then it’s probably time to update your eyeglass cleaning habits! To keep your lenses in fine condition, follow these cleaning instructions. 1. First, wash your hands with regular hand soap or dish soap that doesn’t contain lotion. 2. Rinse your glasses under lukewarm tap water…
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What Causes Red Eyes in Photos?

What is Red Eye? Red eye is the term used to describe the bright red or orange spots on people’s eyes in photos. Red eye is caused by light reflecting off the retina at the back of your eyes. Generally, it happens in low light conditions when a flash is used. The bright light flashes…
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Eye Floaters, Flashers, and Spots

Often we’re asked about the small specs that appear to float through our field of vision. You may find them more noticeable when they looking at a light, plain surface or even the sky. The good news is that there is no reason to be alarmed! Eye floaters appear as specks, circles, or stringy webs…
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