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What is Perfect Vision?

It’s generally assumed that “20/20” is perfect vision, but what does this mean? Visual acuity is the term used to describe the sharpness of your vision. When doctors do a visual acuity test, they have you view something (usually the Snellen eye chart of letters) from a standard distance and tell them what you see.…
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FAQ: Can Flex Spending Save Me Money?

Flex spending might be one of the best benefits you can receive, yet many don’t know about the savings! If you have flex spending benefits, or aren’t sure if they are available, talk to your employer. You may be missing out on savings that could be going toward your family’s health. Q: Do I qualify…
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How to Choose Your Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass lens options have grown incredibly in the last several decades. Early eyeglass lenses were made from glass but advancements in lens materials have made them safer, thinner, lighter, and feature benefits that early inventors could have never imagined! Glass lenses revolutionized many aspects of life for people centuries ago. Glass can provide crisp, clear…
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The Pros of Progressive Lenses

Multifocal lenses have made everyday life much easier for people over forty. Did you know bifocals were invented sometime in the 1700s? They are very old technology! Trifocals and eventually progressive lenses came later to give wearers even more functionality. If you need multifocal lenses to provide you more than one viewing distance, progressive lenses…
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