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Choosing the right frames to complement your face type

Choosing the right eyeglass frames is an important step when shopping for new eyewear.  When you visit your doctor’s office and sit down to try on different frames, there are several factors that can help to guide the selection process.   You will want to select frames that have the right look and feel for the shape of your face.

To begin understanding what type of frames will fit your face type best, consider the following categories:

sonoma-eyeworks-square-face-frames-224x200The first type: Square Face
The features of a square face are just as the description implies. Very strong features, such as a defined jaw line, with the forehead appearing broadly. As well as a defined jaw, a wide chin and cheekbones are naturally complimenting features. Because of the naturally geometric features of a square face, it’s important to find a frame that helps your face appear longer to offset square, geometric balance.


The second type: Heart Face
The most distinguishable features of a heart face are proportionally high cheekbones, as well as a wide forehead. The most important thing to accomplish when selecting frames for a heart face is simply to make sure they help in making your eye-lines appear wider. This will help your face seem more balanced, and place less emphasis on your chin and forehead.

The third type: Triangle Facesonoma-eyeworks-triangle-face-frames-224x200
The triangular face is one which starts from the wide chin and cheekbones, which form sharply, up to a narrower forehead. This type of face may be considered the reverse of a heart face. It’s important to pick frames which will add more dimensions and width to your forehead, which will decrease the attention drawn to your jawbones and chin.

The fourth type: Round Facessonoma-eyeworks-round-face-frames-224x200
The features of a round face are just that, round with little to no signs of curvatures or angles. Round faces are beautiful and selecting the right frames is crucial in illuminating your faces features. You may want to select frames that minimize roundness, or choose ones that complement your shape. What you will need to do is find a frame which compliments your face by making it seem longer, almost oval.

The fifth type: Oval Facesonoma-eyeworks-oval-face-frames-224x2001
Because of the naturally balanced features, the oval face is generally the most ideal. Of the many different facial structures, people with oval faces will have a much easier time selecting frames. Although there is an optimal balance in structure and features, selecting a frame which keeps that balance is the best for creating the look you desire.

Selecting the right style and dimensions of your next set of eyeglass frames is important. Choosing right will ensure great looking and fitting frames. The important thing is to remember which type of facial structure you have and to select frames which will add to or compliment your natural features.

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